Hope Deferred…

Hope deferred makes the heart sick…” Proverbs 13:12

We don’t like to wait. This inclination toward impatience

and aversion toward delayed gratification is evident all

around us. We see it in the grocery store when people

maneuver their way up to the 15 items or less

check-out counter, despite the fact that their cart is

filled beyond the limit. We are reminded , every time

someone runs through a red light that -our toleration for

the tortuous two minute interval before it changes , is too

much for us to bear. We are adverse to waiting for very long. Our world,

especially the American part of it, is conditioned to lose

patience with any delay or postponement of our wants.

Our quick and easy access to stuff by simply clicking,

swiping, texting, and tapping… doesn’t help  in developing much patience.

This is one the most aggravating aspects

of this Covid 19 pandemic reality. We are on lockdown, our sense of normalcy has been upended, a vaccine is months, maybe years away, and we are left to wait and hope for a better day.

The longer this wait continues, the more intractable

the economic and emotional fallout becomes. The rise

in suicides, drug abuse , and domestic violence is an

emerging consequence. While some are seizing the

opportunity to do good things by offering help and

support, the prolonged lack of a resolution may test the

durability of this goodwill. Quarantine fatigue is setting

in. People are compelled to “break out” in defiance of all

reasonable and medically advised restrictions. When this

happens…things will surely get worse before they get

better.Let us all hope and pray that a treatment and

vaccine will come soon.


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